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1. How does my child get started at PTP?

2. What do I need to bring to my child’s first appointment?

3. What will the evaluation session look like?

4. When and how will I get the results of the evaluation?

5. How do I get started for therapy?

6. How are therapy services paid for?

7. Are co-pays due at the time of treatment?

8. How long is each session?

9. What should my child wear to therapy?

10. What if my child does not feel well?

11. What is your cancellation policy?

Contact Geri Aman, OTR/L the Therapy Coordinator at 541.368.4313 or via email at geri.aman@peidatrictherapypros.com . She will get you started with the intake process. She will ask you questions about your child’s therapy needs, information from your physician and insurance information. The PTP billing office will contact your insurance company to verity benefits for your insurance plan. This is not a guarantee of coverage by your insurance company, but will give us some information to get started. Geri may suggest that you contact your physician’s office to get a medical prescription. She will help you to know what to ask your physician. Once the billing office has received the information, Geri will contact you with the information. You will then discuss whether or not you want to schedule an appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes early in order to fill out some paperwork. Bring your insurance card (please bring all cards if you have more than one plan). If your child has had evaluations done at other facilities such as Early Intervention or CDRC, Shriner’s, etc., please bring copies of the reports.

The therapist will work with you and your child. The needs and age of your child will depend upon how much your child is able to participate and how much the therapist will count on you to give information. The evaluation will last one hour. The therapist will give you some idea at the time of the evaluation as to her initial impressions about your child’s needs.

You will leave the evaluation understanding your child’s basic strengths and weaknesses. The therapist might make a follow up appointment with you at the time of the evaluation to either meet and discuss the results, or to call and discuss the results. If you meet with the therapist, a written copy of the evaluation will be presented to you at that time. If you talk by phone, a copy of the evaluation will be sent to you before your scheduled phone call. Included with the written report will be a copy of goals that you, your child if able and the therapist will decide together. This should all occur within 2 weeks of the initial evaluation.

Following your evaluation appointment and discussion of results, the therapist will send a copy of the evaluation to your child’s physician. We require a physician’s signature on all care plans. Some insurance companies require prior authorization for therapy services. This means that either we or your physician have to send information to the insurance company for their review. They will decide if they will authorize therapy services for your child. After receiving authorization, a treatment appointment will be scheduled. If no authorization is needed, a treatment appointment will be scheduled at the time the evaluation results are discussed.

We bill medical insurance if that is available. We expect clients to pay deductibles and co-payments at the time of treatment. Our billing office is happy to make payment plans with families. We accept cash, check or credit cards.

Yes. This saves you from getting a bill each month. You should be told at the time of your visits the amount of your co-payment.
Each session is generally 1 hour, which allows 50 minutes for treatment and 10 minutes to discuss the session and explain the home program. We would prefer that a caregiver is present at the session so that we can demonstrate activities for you to do with your child. This also gives you a chance to share your experiences with your therapist. We strive to be sensitive and respectful of other clients and families and strive to be punctual with the start and end of each session.

Comfortable, stretchy, but not too loose or too bulky clothing is best, so your child will be able to move readily without restriction. It’s also a good idea to have a sleeveless top and shorts available for your child to change into, particularly with physical therapy. Sometimes the therapists need to have a better look at upper or lower extremity joints, including the joints above and/or below the one that appears to be affected.

We work with children and know that children do get sick. We do not want others to be exposed to a contagious child. Please give us as much notice as possible when cancelling.

Because treatment space is tightly scheduled and therapist time is limited, cancelling or re-scheduling at least 24 hours in advance is required. A fee will be charged for any cancellation with less than 24 hours notice from the time of the scheduled appointment. This is for any reason including illness. An exception to this is if the missed appointment can be re-scheduled in the same week as the missed or cancelled appointment. Parents will be called the day before to remind them of all appointments.
If an individual is scheduled for an appointment, has had a reminder call, and does not shown up for the appointment, a no show fee will be charged for that appointment.
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